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US & Canada Outlook for 2018

Over the past few years, it has become clear that the way people consume and go on vacations, the way they plan them and how they like to own things, is changing. The timeshare industry is at an interesting point in our sharing economy, and addressing the current trends will be key for the future of the industry. In this issue of RCI Ventures® magazine, we’ll explore these trends – including how innovative technology and amenities are changing the way resorts operate and market themselves – plus some of the reasons allowing 662 million vacation days to go unused annually in the United States, and more.

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Europe Q1/Q2 2015

The Q1/Q2 2015 issue of RCI Ventures magazine features everything you need to know for the year ahead. For our main feature, Greece Up For Growth, we take a look at the range of tourism initiatives combined with low property prices that have set Greece up as a prime market for development. In Getting Up Close & Personal, we highlight how the key to success is being able to combine the human interaction of service with the wonders of technology to enhance the guest’s stay experience. The latest issue also features a range of tools including a guide to the different shared-ownership models for those starting out in the industry, plus key trends and statistics to support business decision-making.

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Europe Q3/Q4 2014

This issue of RCI Ventures is packed with news of positive developments for the industry across Europe, South Africa and the Middle East. In all those regions there are many indications that the market conditions are right for industry growth. There is also an extended section outlining the many new products and services that RCI has launched recently, all designed to work together to support RCI affiliates’ sales and enhance the RCI member timeshare ownership and exchange holiday experience. Plus, RCI’s upscale fractional brand The Registry Collection continues to grow and has launched a new directory to showcase the 200 luxury residential leisure properties in 40 countries that are available to members of this luxury leisure property exchange programme.

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RCI Ventures Magazine US & Canada Q1 2016

US & Canada Q1 2016

Nearly every travel brand today aims to personalize their customers’ experience. If you give someone an individual experience, you’ve also given them an authentic experience, which is what today’s travelers are looking for. In this issue of RCI Ventures magazine, we delve into some of the trends shaping travelers’ and customers’ habits in 2016 and beyond, and what they are looking to experience when they go on a vacation.

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US & Canada Q3 2015

Over the last 40-plus years, we have gone through some radical transformations in the timeshare industry. We’ve accomplished so much in the past; however, it’s always important to think about the future. The “mobile first” world we live in affects all aspects of our business, from the sales process to communicating with guests while on […]

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