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Europe Q3/Q4 2019

The latest issue of RCI Ventures magazine for the EMEA region turns the spotlight on the business of resort entertainment, with a lead feature that looks at a number of resorts with their fingers on the pulse when it comes to selling authentic entertainment and amenities to satisfy and delight resort guests. This issue also meets Olivier Chavy, president, and Paul Mulcahy, managing director EMEA, who joined RCI Exchanges earlier this year, and discuss their plans for shaping the company’s future and its portfolio of brands. You can also read a market report on Egypt and Turkey, meet three key women in the industry, learn more out about the latest trends – including the use of physical robots and AI in the hospitality industry – emerging key markets, and more.

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Europe Q1/Q2 2019

The latest issue of RCI Ventures magazine for the EMEA region turns the spotlight on the exciting and diverse South African market, as well as highlighting industry trends, spends and opportunity in the European region. Southern Sun Resorts announced its re-affiliation to RCI in February 2019 following a ten-year hiatus, and the alignment of the two industry giants is set to lay the foundations for a prosperous future for shared-holiday ownership in the region. While shared-holiday ownership and South Africa have gone hand-in-hand since the 1970s, there has been a shift in the market in recent years, and key figures from Southern Sun Resorts, RCI and VOASA share their thoughts on where the opportunity lies for South Africa in our lead feature. Bringing new light to successful, strengthened products is certainly prevalent in the Q1/Q2 2019 issue as key industry players employ new strategies, sales techniques and marketing insight to leverage their position in the market – we hear from leading players including Domina and the Anfi Group, plus three industry experts share their best practice as the wider travel and leisure market continues to evolve. There are also articles on creating brand loyalty, boosting customer satisfaction, and solutions to the growing socio-economic and environmental impact of tourism congestion.

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US & Canada Outlook for 2019

In the timeshare industry, there is an unwavering focus on innovation to constantly improve and deepen the ownership experience. Resorts are being creative in the ways they are adopting new technology, great social moments, and different on-site offerings. In the sales process, resorts are investing in technology to bring the owner experience to life, not just at the property where a prospective owner is staying or visiting, but across many properties near and far. Resorts are also testing new ways for people to own and access timeshare (such as long-term products) instead of a deeded piece of real estate. We have come a long way in the past 45 years, and it is incredible not only to watch, but also to be a part of, these ongoing transformations that help enrich the lives of timeshare owners.

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Europe Q3/Q4 2018

Opportunity for the European region is a clear theme of the latest issue of RCI Ventures, with many developer contributors and RCI affiliates showcasing how they are unlocking potential in the luxury and new market sectors. We also look at how lifestyle aspirations are driving demand for leisure products – including how investment in sustainable tourism is becoming a powerful sales tool. We also hear how luxury hotel brand AMResorts is adjusting its product offering to cater for European customers as it looks to expand in the region, and how an affordable luxury lifestyle is shaping the strategy and products of the Karma Group and Falkensteiner Hotels and Residences. This issue also contains a case study on lifestyle products by Perry Newton of Azure Malta; an update on how collaboration between the RDO and AIPP is bringing timeshare into the mainstream property arena, why resorts should engage with the evolving Muslim travel market, and much more.

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Europe Q1/Q2 2018

The sharing economy, or collaborative consumption as it is known, continues to grow as a consumer market sector. Recent research suggests that 75 per cent of consumers believe they will increase their sharing of objects and spaces in the next five years. In the latest issue of RCI Ventures magazine we take another look at how those in the hospitality sector can maximise their assets by multiplying the opportunities to create and increase revenue streams by capitalising on this ever-popular consumer approach to product and service purchasing. We also turn the spotlight on the burgeoning Cyprus market as our holiday destination, show how a points programme can bring flexibility and greater value appeal to your product, and take a look at how the travel industry is tackling the escalation in holiday sickness insurance scams, and much more.

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