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Europe Q1/Q2 2019

The latest issue of RCI Ventures magazine for the EMEA region turns the spotlight on the exciting and diverse South African market, as well as highlighting industry trends, spends and opportunity in the European region. Southern Sun Resorts announced its re-affiliation to RCI in February 2019 following a ten-year hiatus, and the alignment of the two industry giants is set to lay the foundations for a prosperous future for shared-holiday ownership in the region. While shared-holiday ownership and South Africa have gone hand-in-hand since the 1970s, there has been a shift in the market in recent years, and key figures from Southern Sun Resorts, RCI and VOASA share their thoughts on where the opportunity lies for South Africa in our lead feature. Bringing new light to successful, strengthened products is certainly prevalent in the Q1/Q2 2019 issue as key industry players employ new strategies, sales techniques and marketing insight to leverage their position in the market – we hear from leading players including Domina and the Anfi Group, plus three industry experts share their best practice as the wider travel and leisure market continues to evolve. There are also articles on creating brand loyalty, boosting customer satisfaction, and solutions to the growing socio-economic and environmental impact of tourism congestion.

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Europe Q3/Q4 2017

Earning – and maintaining – brand loyalty is one of the toughest challenges in business, and the latest issue of RCI Ventures looks at one company paying great attention to doing both. Pestana Vacation Club has re-engineered and repackaged its product to make the most of a diverse portfolio of property and assets, and enjoyed a major growth spurt as a result. Raising quality standards and offering value for money go a long way to achieving the same outcome, and we highlight a number of resorts in Spain, the UK and Latin America that are doing just that. There’s also an in-depth look at opportunities for the hospitality and shared-holiday ownership industry in China, and much more.

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Europe Q1/Q2 2017

With world economies in the grip of a ‘New Consumerism’ having the concept of a sharing economy at its core, there has never been a better time for all forms of shared-ownership, particularly the sharing of residential leisure real estate properties or holiday homes. RCI Ventures looks at how, in recognition of the new consumerism and the new business investment opportunity it affords, several countries and regions, which have long been vacation destination hot spots, are now addressing the issues which have prevented the growth of the shared-vacation ownership models in their markets.

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US & Canada Outlook for 2017

Today the timeshare industry is adjusting to, meeting and even exceeding the demands of the evolving consumer. These current and potential customers are the savviest and most well-informed that they have ever been, and brands and resorts must marshal their resources to connect with them at every step, from the sales-center floor to the dreaming and planning stages and beyond. In this issue of RCI Ventures® magazine, we speak with highly experienced sales individuals about how much sales centers have changed over the past decade. We also explore Florida’s new Brightline train, tips for video marketing, and more.

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US & Canada Q3 2016

Today, travel is more about gathering experiences and less about going to destinations. The focus for our industry is on the amenities available on-site – and how guests can take advantage of them to have amazing, memorable vacation experiences. Keeping this goal in mind every day – and with every customer touch point – will ensure satisfaction in the guest experience from check-in to checkout. In this issue of RCI Ventures® magazine, we explore how RCI affiliated resorts work each and every day to improve the experience for owners and guests.

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