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Europe Q1/Q2 2019

The latest issue of RCI Ventures magazine for the EMEA region turns the spotlight on the exciting and diverse South African market, as well as highlighting industry trends, spends and opportunity in the European region. Southern Sun Resorts announced its re-affiliation to RCI in February 2019 following a ten-year hiatus, and the alignment of the two industry giants is set to lay the foundations for a prosperous future for shared-holiday ownership in the region. While shared-holiday ownership and South Africa have gone hand-in-hand since the 1970s, there has been a shift in the market in recent years, and key figures from Southern Sun Resorts, RCI and VOASA share their thoughts on where the opportunity lies for South Africa in our lead feature. Bringing new light to successful, strengthened products is certainly prevalent in the Q1/Q2 2019 issue as key industry players employ new strategies, sales techniques and marketing insight to leverage their position in the market – we hear from leading players including Domina and the Anfi Group, plus three industry experts share their best practice as the wider travel and leisure market continues to evolve. There are also articles on creating brand loyalty, boosting customer satisfaction, and solutions to the growing socio-economic and environmental impact of tourism congestion.

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Europe Q3/Q4 2016

Nobody in business should stand still and the shared-holiday ownership sector of the hospitality industry certainly isn’t letting the proverbial grass grow under its feet. The latest issue of RCI Ventures investigates the diversity of the leisure real estate market and brings the experience and insight of several high-profile resort property developers to the table to share the innovation that drives their product evolution, ensuring a high performance in terms of ROI.

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US & Canada Q2 2016

The way we live today – on our smartphones and tablets, with on-demand streaming and instant communication – means that we are able to shape our world to fit us, and our preferences, more than ever before. This shift in our daily lives also means that how people communicate with companies, and companies with people, is changing radically. In this issue of RCI Ventures® magazine, we delve into what this evolution looks like and offer ways to embrace these changes.

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Europe Q1/Q2 2016

Our cover feature focuses on the power of the online marketplace and how the internet provides an international 24/7 shop window to showcase your product. We also have a feature on the benefits to be realised, as a resort developer, by working with the combined business units of RCI and the Wyndham Worldwide Hospitality Group. The Q1/Q2 issue also explores the Indian timeshare industry as it turns 30, and two of the main players share future development plans.

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Europe Q3/Q4 2015

Our cover feature celebrates timeshare and why we love it – a product ahead of its time when it first emerged 40 years ago, it is now ready to truly come into its own. We also have a special focus on Russia and the CIS countries, where a burgeoning hotel market is laying down a positive marker for timeshare and mixed-use projects. The Q3/Q4 issue also features case studies on brand marketing and customer loyalty – with tips from three leading resort developers – new developments in Malta, a profile of Carlos Barrau, one of the industry’s leading lights, and much more.

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